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Cheryl Foster, Co-Chairman, is a life coach whose commitments to advocacy for athletes and their families began over 30 years ago, instilling the importance of education, 
citizenry and integrity to assist young and professional athletes. Known for her innovative workshops: Sports Mom Parenting Boot camp, Touchdown for Life, Game Ready, and Financial Literacy, Cheryl co-founded the Super Bowl’s John Wooten Leadership Awards and was a partner and Director for The Legacy Leadership Project. 

Mitchell “Mitch” Morrison, Co-Chairman, has 35 years’ experience in financial services.  He is the author of “Charity is a Contact Sport” as well as the creator of the Certified Charitable Gift Planner (CCFP) designation certified by the California Bar Association, 
certified Estate Planner and Registered Fiduciary. As founder of Charitable Alliance Foundation, he has appeared on “Good Morning America”, ABC, CNN, NBC and CBS in support of his national fundraising efforts.

Brandon Williams, Instructor, a former NFL Wide-Receiver for St. Louis Rams, currently broadcasts for the Big Ten Network & on Fox 2 for the St. Louis Rams. In addition, he is a Transformational 
speaker, Life and Business coach and author of Millionaire Mindset – 7 Principles Athletes Need For Financial Freedom, outlining a blueprint of essential principles for young and professional athletes to create financial freedom.

Dr. Joseph Webb III, President/Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Twin Peaks Financial Ministries”–a non-profit firm, committed to financial education to aid others in reaching a higher level of financial development. Joe accomplishes this through seminars, harvest revivals, financial counseling, debt relief and financial planning to help with asset protection, tax planning, retirement objectives and financial goals to strengthen portfolios and aid churches with their endowments and foundations.

Scott Scherer is The Senior VP, Western Division and Director of Sports & Entertainment for Waypoint Financial Group. Scherer works with the Pro Football Hall of Fame and NFL’s USA Football as he is a Co-Founder with Hall of Fame Football Player Warren Moon of the nonprofit organization, Hall of Fame Sports Association. He has provided educational speaking engagements to various NFL teams.

The Instructors of the Financial Literacy Project have years of direct experience with professional sports–a sibling, and a mother of a former NFL player and a former NFL player. They all understand and have personal experiences with the financial challenges professional athletes face during and after their careers.  It is from these experiences they recognized the need to address these challenges by creating the Financial Literacy Project.


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